Somewhere in Palestine...
Someone like this tresor
is currently suffering
Hacked By Prosox
Moroccan Hacker
Today you're being hacked because i wanna spread a message to American people (and all other governements and people), why American people particulary ? Because this people is basically not evil and mind opened, but it's only a kind of illusion, because you're starting to become the stupidest sionists that the world have ever known, but i hope after reading all of this, it will change... In america, they are "anti islam" groups, this kind of people are just what governement always wanted: some tools. Basically, Islamic state have been created by American governement to use our religion as the author of the crimes comitted by your gov. This same gov, do you think that, he is helping israel to kill palestinians for something real ? Like historical reasons ? I think this two governements have created an alliance to control everything in this world, mainly our brains, step by step. But the life system then imagined may make you cry: Is life something good if life is something we repeat everytime ? All we are doing a day, we're doing it everyday, we wake up, we go to your work, you kiss your wife, you come back home, you watch your tv, you sleep. After that, you get some kids, and everyone will forget you, you will be born to be forgotten. This is basically something people can find normal, we can't get rid of this, this is how life works, but I presonally think there is another thing between that. The american monsters (at this step, we can't call them humans) are then making you beliving false facts about Islam, our religion is peaceful, it's written on Quran, killing someone is killing a mankind, but no one seems to care, gov gets want he wants: the contribution of its tool. Clearly, this gov makes you believe what he wants.
So how to protest and condemn this gov, send it in hell ?
The best form of protest at this state is to protect our brothers or our mates in Palestine, save them.. Death to Israel and America, if you search this on google, you may see the search suggest you: "death to israel death to usa allah is one" but Allah is responsible in nothing in our hate os Israel, if you're not Muslim, and by staying what you are, I invite you to hate them with all your breath and fight these two monsters because they are also touching you....
America and israhell you're warned, leave our Islam alone and die in hell.